I did it! I met Leandra Medine, better known as the OG man repeller. She was at Holt Renfrew for a book signing, and I hauled ass after work this afternoon—in the rain—to go. It was great. We made faces, exchanged pleasantries, and agreed that a man who appreciates a pair of harem pants on a woman is a definite keeper.* I also got some free nail polish, and nothing perks up a dreary day better than freebies. 
Lipstick - MAC "Riri Woo" | Jacket & sweater - H&M | Shirt & iPad sleeve - UO | Trousers - Old Navy | Shoes - JOE Fresh | Bag - Kenneth Cole
Although I don't think I was in full repeller-mode for the occasion, I think that being damp from the rain/sweaty from schlepping myself uptown was enough of a repellant for both men and women. 
The spoils of my journey. (Not pictured: complimentary coconut water in a cute, little tetra pack.)
It really was great meeting Leandra Medine. I might even venture to say it was the first time I'd ever felt what I imagine being starstruck feels like—and I've seen/met a few celebrities in my day, and I can assure you that my cold, cold heart felt NOTHING until today. It's not even the fact that over the years, the style I've cultivated, approved of by my peers or not, is partially influenced by the man-repelling wisdom that she's imparted—I think what go me so hopped up and excited was that I got to meet one of my favourite writers. I've said it before, and I think I'll always believe this, but by no means am I a "fashion girl." I'm just a writer with a shopping problem. What really got me hooked on her blog in the first place was how funny and smart I thought her writing was. The great outfits were just extra. 

So there you have it, my afternoon, summed up in too many words, considering I should be studying right now. Let me just share this last bit: In my book, she signed, "To Kate, Hope you enjoy— Sounds like the dude is a keeper (until he's not...)"*

*Pretty sure I've got a keeper. 

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