It should come as no surprise that I from now until about May, I will look (even more) unhappy in my photos. If I haven't said it before (and I'm almost certain that I have), I will say it now: winter sucks. While I cam appreciate autumn layering, winter laying is something of  an inconvenience, because it stops being about looking nice, so much as it becomes a matter of survival. Canada, am I right?
Hat & leather trousers - UO | Boots - ALDO | Lipstick - MAC "Lady Danger" | Bag - Coach | Scarf - Hand-made and gifted to my by my man-friend. Yes ladies, he knits. He can also sew—and cook. Just. Saying.
Also, let's please not watch my under-eye luggage too hard—I've got a lot of work to do, I don't sleep, etc, etc.

Moving on.

In an attempt to inject some colour into my life and wardrobe, I bought this navy *GASP* coat at H&M. It took me a week to decide if I wanted to buy it, since I wasn't sure if I commit to all that colour. I did eventually buy it (for the sweet, sweet price of $33) and I'm glad I did. I love this coat!
Coat - H&M
Also, I'm all about fur right now, so that collar is definitely doing it for me—and it's black, so I feel like I'm still in my sartorial comfort zone.

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