According to people (who I will not name), my fashion choices come winter are questionable at best, on account of my refusal to wear coats that are "warm enough." I've always been a believer in layers, particularly in the winter months, and after Mary-Kate and Ashley started walking around like homeless people with coats on coats with a blanket scarf to top it all off, I knew I was onto something.

I wear leather in all seasons, which I agree, isn't always practical. (SEE: Sweaty, incased-in-faux-leather thighs in Manhattan, in August.) However, when I wear my "Winter leather," a.k.a. my absolute favourite leather jacket, I always make sure to pile-on the sweaters, and this year, I've even added a giant faux-fur vest reminiscent of Mr. Burns'.

Lipstick - MAC "Lady danger" | Sweater & vest - H&M | Leather pants - UO | Gloves - Quill & Tine | Shoes - Nike
Photos by Kane St. Louis.
I also got myself a pair of Quill & Tine touchscreen gloves. They're leather gloves "engineered to interface with touchscreen technology." Basically, I can keep my hands warm while texting, which, as I'm sure most people know, is arguably one of the most annoying parts of winter—having to text with your frozen fingers while you look on at the warm gloves you're holding in your hands. 

This certainly isn't the last you'll hear of these gloves: 
1. Because they're awesome.
2. Because I'll be doing some work with them, as I've officially hopped aboard the Quill & Tine train.

Expect them to pop-up in more of my posts this winter, as I'll more than likely be wearing them with everything.