Excuse my manicure, folks. I've been a little busy.
I got my hands on a new, CHANEL lip colour for Spring 2014, and it turned out to be the nude colour of my dreams!

It's not like me to go for a "nude" lip colour, but there are (few and far between) days when I want to take a break from the bright hues I usually wear. Unfortunately, when I look for anything remotely nude/nude-y pink, people end up giving me colours that make me feel like I'm rocking the early 00s trend of dabbing foundation on your lips and putting lip gloss on top—arguably one of the worst makeup trends I've ever witnessed. 

This lipstick though, subtle as the colour may be, offers just the right amount of tint and coverage for my lips to look bare, while not actually being lipstick-free—because I prefer lipstick to lip balm, and that's why I hadn't just given up the search for nude lipstick and opted for chapstick. Naturally, below is a "before and after" for reference.
The actual lipstick looks quite pink, almost like it'd be a bright colour to wear. However, it's got a great sheer tint, and it moisturizes really well! I don't typically "review" my make up, mostly because I don't really wear any, but I just had to share this one with you. If you're looking for a neutral pink lipstick, this one's worth the wait. 

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