(As if you all don't already know) Lady Gaga is the new face of Versace. The ads will begin appearing in magazines in the new year, but this teaser image has been taking over the internet today. Naturally, everyone's going to have an opinion about it, so feel free to comment! I want to know what you think!

Here are some past Versace ads—just because.
Christina Aguilera - 2003
Madonna - 2005
Naomi Campbell - 1993 
And of course, how could I not add the biggest Versace endorsement of all?


  1. Versachie drowns their "faces" in the brand instead of exposing the style of the individual, a lot of the time. Doing this is better for their brand, and I am certainly a fan. Gaga may have tried to convince them to make her into the Medusa-- we haven't seen the rest of the campaign-- but this is just a great looking , famous, Italian woman, sporting the label well.

    1. I can agree that Gaga looks great, I do think, though, that instead of looking like Gaga (which you can argue can mean absolutely anything), she just looks like a Donatella clone. Versace did this in their H&M campaign, too.


      I think it's just a bit much, considering Versace's already a well-recognized name. But that's just me.