It's hard to look cheerful when you're standing in -16 degree weather, and you're starting to lose feeling in your toes. It's even more difficult, I find, to try and look "cute," much less happy. 
I swear this bag is a different colour in every photo. I wouldn't be surprised if it started to look green.

Can't say I'm unhappy, though, as I'm carrying around my post-Christmas gift: a Proenza Schouler "PS1 tiny." *Insert heart-eyes emoji here.
For those of you who may not know, one of these bad boys retails for about a month's rent, if you're living in a one-bedroom apartment in Toronto. HOWEVER, I did not pay that much money for mine, because:
a) I could never afford it.
b) I came upon it serendipitously in a Winners, where it was priced incorrectly, and at a little less than its retail value—the understatement of 2015.
Basically, I lucked-out HARD, and swiped the bag immediately, because PROENZA SCHOULER.
Boots - ALDO | Bag - Proenza Schouler | Sweater and gloves - GAP | Scarf - ZARA | Pants, coat, and hat - H&M | Lipstick - MAC "Franken-Furter"
Photo by: Kane St.Louis

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