Recently, I went from this:
Dress - JOE Fresh | Watch - Movado | Lipstick - MAC "Pander Me" | Rings - Catbird NY/Tiffany & Co.
To this:
Sweater - H&M | Lipstick - MAC "Riri Woo"
Although I've chopped off (almost) all of my hair  before, this change made me more nervous. My hair is naturally medium-brown, and while I've dyed my hair before, it's always been in small sections and never my entire head of hair.

Ultimately, I don't know why I was so nervous because I ABSOLUTELY LOVED the end result! My roots got a bit darker, and the blonde ends from my ombré turned a blue-black that I could not be happier with. Also, I look meaner, so my RBF is on a whole other level! 

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