I took this photo while deciding whether or not I really wanted that sports bra.
Photo taken at Yyoga.
First of all, let me apologize in advance, because this is (sort of) a "New year, new me" post.

I'm going to spare you all from the boring details. I will just say that instead of making specific resolutions, I simply made a conscious effort to be more consistent about the things I do/try to do in my life—not just this year, but forever, seeing as I'll be turning 26 in a few weeks, and so I feel like adulthood is not so much an inevitability but my current reality. Ugh. :|


My job has been pretty stressful this week, so I thought that I might finally try going to the yoga studio a few doors down from where I work. I wanted to try and relax, shed some of the negative energy I've been lugging around, and maybe some extra fat as well.
Water bottle - SIGG | Sports bra - Community | Top and leggings - JOE Fresh | Shoes - Nike
I signed up to Yyoga and almost immediately fell in love.  I say "almost," because it's hard to fall in love with a place that serves the purpose of kicking your lazy butt into shape. So far, I've taken eight classes, and I'm feeling better and better after each one—and contrary to what I thought, I have been feeling more relaxed also, even at work where I sometimes absolutely cannot feel relaxed. At all. 

I made sure to get to my hot yoga class a little bit earlier than usual so I could sneak in a few yoga selfies, like my 2015 version of the tree pose. I made it more challenging by taking an in-focus selfie whilst balancing on one leg. I don't suggest trying that, because if you were unsure, I was totally joking. 

Lipstick - MAC "Frank-n-Furter"
So I had to take a photo of this, because what sort of post would this be if there was neither lipstick or leather? Note: I wasn't wearing lipstick during my yoga class. I have a strict rule against wearing lipstick or making an attempt at "looking cute" while working out. I figure, if you're still cute after a workout, (hair-do intact, makeup still on, etc.) you're probably not working out hard enough.

Don't get me wrong, I'm certainly not a #fitspo kind of gal, but I think that if you're going to put any sort of time or effort into going to the gym or going for a run, you should make it count for something. Even if I don't end up with abs—fingers crossed, though—I always feel good knowing I pushed my body in some sort of way, on the rare occasion that I do workout.

And finally, here's a sweaty, post-hot yoga selfie, so you know it's real.

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