Following a twerk-filled (I use the term 'twerk' loosely, on account of I can't actually twerk, but I do try.) Friday evening and a long day at work on Saturday morning, I took my sore knees up to Yorkdale mall and found, in my opinion, the holiest of holy grails: a place where I could have my own, custom-made lipstick!
BITE Beauty's Bite Lip Lab event this weekend showcased their "healthy enough to eat" lipstick and gave lipstick connoisseurs everywhere a chance to have a colour of their very own! We also got to pick our own lipstick flavour/scent, which included blueberries, cherries, and mint. It was a wonderful change from the usual lipstick-y tasting lipsticks. I chose a deep red because it's Winter, and I'm having a deep-red moment at the moment, and also because I just wanted to.

Watching the entire process was fascinating— it was like if the greatest episode of How it's Made was being filmed right before my eyes!
It was a quaint little laboratory, but I swear it was like being at the cosmetics equivalent of Willy Wonka's chocolate factory.
And at the end of it all, a kiss marked the creation of my lipstick-of-the moment! Naturally, painfully embarrassing selfies followed:

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