Heavy metal.

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Everyone's got a "thing." Right now, my thing is chunky, borderline-obnoxious necklaces.

It's rare that I wear costume jewelry, as my skin is about as sensitive as, well, someone with sensitive skin.** I've learned this about myself numerous times over the years, especially in my tweens, when I tried to get trendy like my friends and wear mood rings and other such bobbles from Claire's, and then watched as my poor little fingers began to turn green. Fortunately, my neck isn't as sensitive, and since I've taken to wearing said necklaces under the collar of my shirts, I've been free to commence sartorial experimentation whilst staying safe from any skin irritation.

But enough about that— here are some necklaces that I've been lusting after at the moment:

**I have recently partaken in a large, celebratory sushi dinner, and in indulging in gluttonous behaviour, have found myself within moments of a looming food coma. And let's be honest— literary wit is difficult to conjure when you're about to pass out cold because you're full of delicious food.  

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