King Louis.

Louis Vuitton Epi Large Noe GM bucket tote, c/o My Kalakal.
I realize that my fondness of taking birds-eye-view photos of my cosmetics, outfits, and (now) purses on my bed has resulted in a lot of photos with white, bed sheet-y backdrops appearing on my blog. I apologize and promise to try to refrain from doing so, so often—after this post.

This glorious little bag came to me from a far off island that I also call my home turf: the Philippines, via an online shop My Kalakal. They sell pre-loved designer bags, shoes, accessories, and even the occasional iPad/mac book. Their affordable prices make it so that you can have your very own Louis Vuitton bag without having to win the lottery first!

I am such a happy camper right now, because not only am I the proud mama of a beautiful, blue Louis— but she carries all my essentials, like my iPad, dslr, lunch (seriously, I pack my salads in there) and the multitude of other things I require on a daily basis without a problem!

Next up on my wish list is this beautiful little Hermès watch!!
EARLY EARLY EARLY birthday gift, anyone?

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