As of sometime last week(-ish?), something has been grinding my bones. SO, I'm now going to put on my version of the "Carrie necklace," one which I begged my mum for in my early teens upon my discovery of Sex and the City, and dissect what it is that's got me so bothered.  

At the risk of this being read by folks in my social media circle, I'm going to keep things anonymous and just say that I saw a status on Facebook that went (more or less) something like this:

"Ey, yo. Real talks: If your're supposedly in a relationship with someone for more than a month and the bitch doesn't even put up pictures or changes her relationship status, and pretty much shows no dedication what does that say? Wasted ass relationship. As dumb and pointless facebook is, it goes a long way sometimes so pay attention peoples."**

Okay, so maybe that was pretty much the exact quote (**Grammatical errors were edited to the best of my abilities, whilst still trying to preserve the tone of said quote.), but I'd like to note that this isn't a personal attack on said Facebook user, but rather, a comment on what the status is trying to say.

Basically, I can't get behind any of it. Let me tell you why.

Facebook relationship statuses, putting up "couple-y" photos, and essentially publicizing the fact that you've landed yourself a boyfriend or girlfriend does NOT a relationship make. In my opinion, a "wasted ass relationship" is one you devote to sharing on the public platform of social media, as opposed to actually experiencing it with the person you're with. And if your girlfriend or boyfriend decides to keep that iPhone selfie from the bathroom at the club you were at last weekend as their profile picture, let them! Don't demand ridiculous things like A FACEBOOK RELATIONSHIP STATUS CHANGE from a person in order to validate your love. Instead, might I suggest demanding things like mutual respect, love, support and compromise? Although that may not be as exciting as plastering your business all over facebook, I think that real-life-relationship-things might be nice to have, because one day, you get'll old and possibly senile and when you forget the password to your facebook account, what will your relationship have been all about?

My kind of Valentine's day lipstick colour.
Oh, and on the topic of, "If your're supposedly in a relationship with someone for more than a month...":
IT HAS ONLY BEEN A MONTH. You can't even get month-long cellphone contracts, so let's not rant about a lack of dedication after only a month of dating. In fact, I'd commend your significant other if you behave this poorly and they're still down to date you. My advise: Thank your lucky stars.

I'm getting preachy, I know it, and I'm sorry. Let's get something straight: I have walked into/created many a relationship shit-storm in my day to know I that I do NOT know everything there is to know about relationships, you know? 

However, what I do know is, don't be a dick. And if you're really that uncomfortable with the lack of internet love for your real-life love, then tell them in real-life because not even having all the facebook friends in the world feels as good as when you're all alone, creeping them without someone next to you to laugh at them with.

Also, Happy Valentine's day, everyone!

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