These photos were taken a few days ago. During the summer. In. August. It's not that I don't like this outfit. In fact, I am ALL ABOUT IT right now, as I've been searching for a proper hat for ages. What I'm actually unhappy about, is that four days ago, I was at the beach—in a two piece, no less, and today, I nearly left the house with a scarf on! 
Hat & Jeans - UO | Sweater - H&M | Bag - Coach | Shoes - ZARA | Watch - Fossil 
These photos were taken during a shoot for the second issue of ARCHETYPE. Obviously, I'd like nothing more than to show you guys more than my outfit photos, but most of the "behind-the-scenes" photos from this day can't be shared yet. (I CANNOT WAIT to share it with all of you, though.)

In the meantime, please please PLEASE check out ARCHETYPE's Kickstarter campaign, and share it, donate to it, or laugh at how awkward I am on camera—just please watch it and spread the word. We appreciate all the help!

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