Coat - ForeverXXI | Scarf, cardigan, hat, shoes, and shirt - H&M | Pants - Groceries Apparel | (touchscreen) Gloves - GAP | Lipstick - MAC "Pander Me"

Photos by: Kane St. Louis
This blog post is documentation of one of my typical, "I woke up like this" ensembles. Saturday night was a celebration of my boyfriend Kane's 26th birthday. We had a few drinks, chatted with friends, took a few photos, ate burgers*, and promptly fell asleep after said burgers were consumed. It was a wonderful evening.
The next day, being just hungover enough to do much of anything, we got dressed and went to one of our favourite brunch spots, The Lakeview. These shots were taken post-brunch, so if I look cranky, it's probably because I was about due for an afternoon nap—also the sun was in my eyes. 

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